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Board of Directors Opening

We currently have openings for the 2022 RIHA Board of Directors. The committee will be accepting letters until December 31, 2021. This is a volunteer position. Interested candidates need to send a letter to the Nominating Chairperson, Camille Pepin. Letters can be emailed to judgecam2@aol.com or sent to 2 Deerfield Drive, North Smithfield, RI 02896. Please include in your letter why you would be an asset to the organization. We need Board members who are willing and able to donate their time, energy and ideas to keep our organization running strong and providing the best possible benefit to our members. Please keep in mind that our rulebook states:

The Board of Directors shall consist of people who adhere to the high principles of the association and who, in general, have demonstrated by example good citizenship in the general community. Criteria for board membership shall include, but is not limited to, high ethical and moral values; demonstration of loyalty to the "horse community"; strict adherence to the laws of the United States, the State of Rhode Island, and the municipalities; being financially responsible; and regular attendance at directors' meetings including service on committees when requested.

2022 Memberships

Please check the Membership List page for the latest list of RIHA members!

Please check the Equine List page for the latest list of registered horses!

Make sure you renew your RIHA memberships 2022. Please bring your PayPal receipt to horse shows as proof or renewal, or e-mail a copy to: rihapoints@rihorseman.com.

2021/2022 Show Calendar

The Calendar page has been updated for the 2021/2022 show season.


2021 Points can be found: RI Points. A star (*) next to a name indicates that the exhibitor has not competed in two shows in that division for final 2021 points, as required to receive a year end award.

If any of the information listed is incorrect or missing, or if you have any questions about the final point standings, please send an email to the Points Secretary.

Medal points can be found: RI Finals 2022 Qualifiers page to view the Qualifier list.

2020/2021 Rule Book

Click HERE to download and print the Rulebook that has been approved and will be in affect for the 2020/2021 show season.

NEW DIVISION: RI Training Hunter: Open to all horses or ponies. No age limitations and no rider restrictions. No restriction of horse/pony/rider into other divisions if otherwise eligible. To be judged on performance, soundness, suitability and manners. Simple lead changes and/or trotting in corners are permitted. To be shown over a hunter type course. Combinations are optional. Fence height not less than 18" and not to exceed 2'6". The same horse/rider combination may not compete in more than one fence height section at the same show. RIHA points will accrue at all heights for one combined year end award.

NEW RIHA Annual Trophy: Claymaker Memorial Thoroughbred Versatility Award To be awarded to the Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred with the most overall points throughout the season in all classes/divisions except Equitation. The goal of this award is to recognize the most versatile Thoroughbred who can do everything from Pleasure to Jumpers. It might be a lesson horse who earns points in multiple divisions even if not Champion in any, as the goal is to highlight the overall athlete and teacher that the Thoroughbred can be. As an example, a horse may have 500 points and be Champion of the TB Hunter division with no points elsewhere, while another horse may have 600 points in a multiple number of divisions, but have only a few Reserves or Thirds. The second horse would receive the award. It is not about being a superstar in one area - but about being talented in many areas.To sign your horse up for the award, please email Robin Muksian Grimm at mychip1@yahoo.com, by April 1st 2021, and provide your horse's current show name and his/her registered Jockey Club name. Only points AFTER your horse's name registration has been verified will count towards the award. This new trophy will be awarded annually. Points can be found: RI Points.

RI Finals Qualifications Change

Continuing for RI Medal Qualifiying Classes starting December 1, 2018:
***** Any RIHA show may offer two of each RIHA medals qualifying class on the same day *****
*****Shows will be allowed to combine certain medal classes: - "If there is not a minimum of riders of either or both of the RIHA Junior Medal or RIHA Adult Amateur Medal qualifying class, the show can combine to meet the rider requirement" - "If there is not a minimum of riders of either or both of the RIHA Junior Mini Medal or RIHA Adult Amateur Mini Medal qualifying class, the show can combine to meet the rider requirement" *****

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