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COVID-19 and RIHA:

Updated June 5, 2020:

To the members, exhibitors and show managers of the RIHA,

The Hunter Ridge show will take place on Sunday, June 7th. Exhibitors and trainers will be asked to sign waivers (get used to this, they will be at every show from now on) and pre-entering is required...no more post entries. So sign up for every class that you think you might go in because you can always scratch a class (no penalty), but you will not be able to add. Entries close Friday June 5, 2020, at 6pm, plan accordingly! As this is the first horse show post-quarantine, please remember that we all need to adhere to the guidelines that the state has imposed on businesses and outdoor recreation. The better we do, the more shows will continue to happen. Please continue to practice all the COVID-19 safeguards that you have been doing for the last couple months and have a little patience with the new practices we are all going to have to abide by for the time being. Have fun horse showing! Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Vars
President, RIHA

2020 Memberships

Members lists have been updated as of June 25, 2020.

Equine lists have been updated as of May 30, 2020.

Make sure you renew your RIHA memberships 2020. Please bring your PayPal receipt to horse shows as proof or renewal, or e-mail a copy to: rihapoints@rihorseman.com.

2019/2020 Show Calendar

The Calendar page has been updated for the 2019/2020 show season. Last updated on Jume 14, 2020.

The June 13th RIHA Benefit show is currently cancelled, possibly just postponed. We will keep you posted if it does get moved to a new date.


Points have been updated through March 8, 2020.

Medal points have been updated for 2020 qualifiers through March 8, 2020. Please go to RI Finals 2020 Qualifiers page to view the Qualifier list.

2020/2021 Rule Book

Click HERE to download and print the Rulebook that has been approved and will be in affect for the 2020/2021 show season.

RI Finals Qualifications Change

Continuing for RI Medal Qualifiying Classes starting December 1, 2018:
***** Any RIHA show may offer two of each RIHA medals qualifying class on the same day *****
*****Shows will be allowed to combine certain medal classes: - "If there is not a minimum of riders of either or both of the RIHA Junior Medal or RIHA Adult Amateur Medal qualifying class, the show can combine to meet the rider requirement" - "If there is not a minimum of riders of either or both of the RIHA Junior Mini Medal or RIHA Adult Amateur Mini Medal qualifying class, the show can combine to meet the rider requirement" *****

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