RIHA Membership Applications

Membership Application

To join the RIHA, you must fill out an application and pay the membership dues. An individual membership is $35, a family membership is $55 and a lifetime membership is $275. Members receive prizelists from RIHA horse show managers, are eligible to compete for year end high score awards, and can compete to qualify for the RI Finals, which is our state Equitation Championship horse show held each September.


You can join the RIHA by filling out one of the following online forms and submitting payment via our secure payment option (using your Paypal account or a major credit card)

  Click here for the online Individual Membership application

  Click here for the online Family Membership application

  Click here for the online Lifetime Membership application

Online Horse & Pony Registration

Once you apply for membership, you can also use the form below to register horses and ponies online. If you are registering more than one horse, please also contact the Points Secretary so that she is aware.

  Click here for the online horse/pony registration application form

Print & Mail

The membership form can also be downloaded, printed and mailed to the secretary with payment. Included on the application form is a section for registering horses and ponies.

Also, the horse/pony registration application can be downloaded, printed and mailed, OR, scanned and emailed, to the secretary.

  Click here to open and print the membership application card

  Click here to open and print the horse/pony registration application

Don't Forget...

Please list your trainer's NAME when filling out your membership application!

RIHA members who wish to accumulate points for Year-End awards must register their horse or pony with the secretary. It is REQUIRED for points to count. If your mount changes during the year, you must inform the secretary.

Even though Lifetime members do not have to apply each year for membership, they MUST register their horses/ponies each year in order for points to count.