RIHA Points

Points for 2023

A star (*) next to a name indicates that the exhibitor has not competed in two shows in that division for final 2023 points, as required to receive a year end award.

 Equitation Points List
 Non-Equitation Points List
 Claymaker Thoroughbred Versatility Award
 RI Finals 2024 Qualifiers

You must register your horse or pony with the Points Secretary in order to accumulate points for a 2023 year end award.

Points will be officially posted to the website for members to review four times per year, as follows:

 May 1 (December through April shows) final May 31
 September 1 (May through August shows) final on September 30
 November 1 (September through October shows) final on November 30
 December 1 (November shows) final on December 31

The points will be final 30 days after official posting. If an exhibitor finds a discrepancy it is up to him/her to notify the for corrections. After that date, the points will be final and RIHA will not go back and change any points from those months. NO PHONE CALLS!